Timeline for 2018 Grading Process

Key Date



30th November 2021

Applications for Grading close.

  1. Read the application information as supplied to current members and on www.competingpipers.com.
  2. Submit your Application for Grading online.
  3. • Submit your recording (if desired) by email to the CPA secretary


Mid December

Grading Committee meets.

  1. The Grading Committee is an international executive of Senior graded pipers who meet to review grading applications and allocate a grading, based upon consensus of opinion.
  2. The President or representative of the CPA will be present in an administrative role only. The President or representative will be present to advise on any matters of grading policy.

From 8th January 2018

Communication of Members' grades.

  1. Members' grades will be listed in the secure, Members Only area of the website. To access this area, you will need to enter your own password, which you will have selected when you joined. Your grade will be automatically added to your own member’s area.
  2. We will notify you of date to receive your email as soon as possible. You will then be able to log in to Members Only area and view your own, and fellow pipers', grades.

From 8th January 2018

Grading appeals open.

  1. Grading over 200 players is a huge task. While careful consideration will be given to all applications, we acknowledge that disparities may arise.
  2. Further information about the grading process is provided in the Grading FAQ's section. This explains how your grade will have been arrived at, and may help you to understand why you have been allocated a certain grade.
  3. If you strongly disagree with the grading that has been allocated to you, you have the right of appeal.

How do I appeal?

  1. You should clearly state your case in an email or letter to the CPA Secretary. Include your previous grades and those allocated for 2018. You will have a week to lodge your appeal.
  2. Please note that your grading will have been allocated based on consensus of opinion - any change can only be issued by the Grading Committee, not individual members.

Mid January 2017

Grading appeals close.


Grading Committee review of Appeals

  1. The CPA Secretary will forward all appeals to the Grading Committee, which will review and determine revised gradings where appropriate.
  2. Again, please note that your grading will have been allocated based on consensus of opinion. At this stage the Grading Committee will make a final decision on your CPA grades for 2018.
  3. The updated list of grades will be published in the Members Only area of the website.

Mid-Jan 2017

Full publication of final grades on CPA website

31 Jan

Northern Meeting and Argyllshire Gathering applications close.


Eligibility Meeting for AG and NM

  1. This is when representatives from AG and NM get together with Senior judges to decide who is going to be invited to play in their events this year.
  2. The CPA has traditionally been invited to attend the meeting and provide information on members' grading and track records. Whilst we provide information, final decisions rest with the organisers.
  3. It is up to you to apply for these contests if you wish, via their websites
  4. Following this meeting, the AG and NM Competition Secretaries will advise whether or not you have been accepted to compete.


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