Application for Inclusion or Review of Category on the SPJA List of Adjudicators

There is now a clear application form for those who wish to be considered for inclusion on the List, or those who would like the SPJA to review their category. For further information you can contact the SPJA Secretary.

The SPJA Register of Judges

Qualifying criteria : Approved by the Joint Committee for Judging


  • Senior : Most likely to have competed successfully at the highest level with continuity over an extended period of years, able to demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of the music and with experience in judging. Eligible to judge any level of competition, but to judge with experienced judges at major competitions in the first year of acceptance.
  • Approved : Those knowledgeable and experienced with notable success in competition (amateur or professional) but not necessarily at the highest level. Eligible to judge any competition, but in major competitions should be accompanied by a Senior judge or judges.

Upgrade to Senior Judge Status is possible after an approved period, further experience having been accumulated from a suitable number of judging assignments at major events. Senior Judges will be consulted in the assessment of this.

New applicants who otherwise meet the Approved criteria but have had an extended break from the competition scene, and / or have insufficient experience of judging may not judge at major competitions. They may judge at major competitions only after a suitable period, subject to the approval of the general committee based on reports from those with whom they have judged and a log of judging assignments undertaken.

2017 Judges Register (PDF)

The CPA supports the qualification of active competing pipers who are Premier graded players to judge up to B grade level events at any major competition, subject to confirmation by the SPJA that they have met the standard required to judge at this level. The list is set out on the Senior Pipers page.


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