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Silver Medal Eligibility Process 2022

16th Nov. 2021

The following statement has been released by The Argyllshire Gathering and Northern Meeting for attention by prospective players in the Silver Medal 2022.

In preparation for a resumption of in-person contests, The Argyllshire Gathering and Northern Meeting wish to update the CPA membership with information regarding the Silver Medal Contest in 2022. In order to accommodate a balance between the previous list of 25 competitors from 2020/21 and more recent results, we have decided to expand the Silver Medal contest to include up to 30 competitors. The Silver Medal list for 2022 will, as normal, be derived from joint discussions surrounding all entries received. All CPA members at the appropriate grades in Piobaireachd who wish to enter, including those on the 2020 list, should apply when Silver Medal entry becomes available. We hope this solution will be satisfactory to all involved and look forward to a full year of in-person contests with an aim to return to a full calendar year track record going forward.

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