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Captain John MacLellan Competition 2016 Results

10th Oct. 2016

This weekend saw the annual Captain John MacLellan Competition once again take place at the Army School of Piping and Drumming in Edinburgh at what was a very well run competition.

The results were as follows: P/A Piobaireachd 1 Faye Henderson, Scarce of Fishing 2 Peter McCalister, The Fingerlock 3 Mike Fitzhenry, Park Piobaireachd No.2 4 Jamie Forrester, The Vaunting 5 Gordon Bruce, The Big Spree Judges: Andrew Frater, Robert Wallace

P/A MSR 1 Jonathan Greenlees 2 Craig Sutherland 3 Jamie Forrester 4 Steve Gray 5 Graham Drummond Judges: Ian Duncan, Iain McLellan

B Piobaireachd 1 Bruce MacDonald 2 Jonathan Simpson 3 Steven Gray 4 Jamie Elder 5 Cameron McDougall Judges: Ronnie MacShannon, Stuart Samson

B MSR 1 Calum Watson 2 Jonathan Simpson 3 Andrew Wilson 4 John MacDonald 5 Andrew Hall Judges: P/M Jimmy Banks, Colin MacLellan

C Piobaireachd 1 Scott MacRae 2 Ben Mulhearn 3 Chris Lee 4 Connor Jardine 5 Andrew Bova Judges: Tom Speirs, Andrew Wright

C MSR 1 Connor Jardine 2 Edward Gaul 3 Dan Nevans 4 Chris Lee 5 Scott McRae Judges: Walter Cowan, James Henderson

Open H&J 1 Jamie Forrester 2 Craig Sutherland 3 Connor Jardine 4 Calum Watson 5 Cameron MacDougall/ Graham Drummond Judges: Ian Duncan, James Henderson, Iain McLellan, Tom Speirs, Robert Wallace

Congratulations to all those who took part.

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