CPA Judging Statements

CPA Statement on Judging of Pupils

The CPA recommends that the judging of pupils should be avoided at every competition level.

However it accepts that the current pool of Senior Judges is relatively small and this is proving difficult to attain at all competitions.

Where the avoidance of this situation is impossible, the CPA may reluctantly accept this provided the SPJA code of conduct has been followed and the appropriate interest is declared. We actively encourage our members to avoid placing their teacher in this difficult position by seeking to attend alternative competitions when they have prior knowledge of their teacher’s attendance at a competition.

Where a competitor has attained a prize in front of a bench containing the competitor’s teacher, this prize will be discounted by the CPA Grading Committee when assessing the individual’s grading for that year. For the avoidance of doubt, “teacher” means anyone who has given the individual tuition on that discipline (Piobaireachd or Light Music) within a twelve month period.

The CPA reserves the right to censure any members who are in active and regular breach of the CPA code of conduct pertaining to conflict of interest.

Performance Critique

The Competing Pipers' Association :

  • Believes that feedback provides transparency in the judging process, and enables competitive performers to identify areas for further development.
  • Supports the provision of feedback to competitors through assessment sheets at all competitive levels.
  • Respects the willingness of judges to provide feedback and the opinions provided.
  • Does not specify any particular template format, in fact we recommend that judges be given maximum flexibility to provide written feedback in the style and manner they feel comfortable with.
  • Asks that judges provide :
    • Comments on quality of phrasing, technique, bagpipe sound and overall musical impression.
    • Any further observations that they feel would benefit the performer.

CPA crit sheet templates are available. Hard copies are also available from the CPA Secretary.


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