The Solo Piping Judges Association (SPJA)

The SPJA is the body which is recognised by the Competing Pipers' Association (CPA) and major competitions as the sole authority for the appointment and regulation of qualified solo piping judges in Scotland.

Its office bearers currently consist: -

Current Chairman : Andrew Wright
Current Secretary : Jack Taylor

Judges Representatives: Ronald McShannon, Colin MacLellan, Hugh MacCallum

All approved judges are included in the 'Approved Judges List' held and maintained by the SPJA. The CPA recommends that all organisers use the Approved Judges' List to select judges at the appropriate level to judge solo piping competitions.

New Approved Judges

Anyone interested in becoming an approved Judge of solo piping should make written application to the Secretary of the SPJA.

Applicants must list their competitive and general piping experience, their qualification to judge and nominate two referees.

The application is scrutinised by the General Committee of the SPJA, with further references taken. It is likely that most applicants will be known to some of the members of the Judging community.

The Senior Judges will make their recommendation to the main Committee, who will vote on the acceptability of each proposed new member of the approved list. Majority vote will be enough for successful application.


There are two different levels of judging seniority, which are assigned by the SPJA. These are :

  • Senior : Those who have competed successfully at the highest level with continuity over an extended period of years, able to demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge and with experience in judging. Eligible to judge any level of competition, but to judge with experienced judges at major competitions in the first year of acceptance.
  • Approved : Those knowledgeable and experienced and having had notable success in competition (amateur or professional) but not necessarily at the highest level. Eligible to judge any level of competition but in major competitions should be accompanied by a Senior judge or judges.

Performance of each judge is monitored during the year by the SPJA, and in consultation with the CPA, revisions of status are recommended annually to the JCJ. Approval is obtained on consultation with Senior Judges


Any complaints by CPA members regarding performance of a judge should be made, in the first instance in writing, to the Secretary of the CPA, who will forward it on in strict confidence to the SPJA for review.

All deliberations of applicants and existing members of the Approved Judges' List are confidential.


All communication should be sent to :

Jack Taylor
SPJA Secretary


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