Glenfiddich Piping Championship

Qualifying Events :

  • Glenfiddich Champion
  • The Clasp (Northern Meeting)
  • Senior Piobaireachd (Argyllshire Gathering)
  • Former Winners MSR (Argyllshire Gathering)
  • Former Winners MSR (Northern Meeting)
  • Masters Solo (Glasgow International Piping Festival)
  • Overall Winner (Scottish Piping Society of London)
  • Bratach Gorm (Scottish Piping Society of London)
  • Gold Medal (Argyllshire Gathering)
  • Gold Medal (Northern Meeting)

Calculated by taking first places on each qualifying list. Failing to reach 10 competitors, 2nd placing on qualifying lists - with the exception of gold medal events - commencing Northern Meeting Clasp. 3rd placing on qualifying lists if required.

The CPA recommends that qualifying competitions should pass two key tests :

  • Entrants to qualifying events should not be determined subjectively, for example by invitation.
  • Competitions are competitions of substance

All of the competitions on the list pass these two tests. So there is a transparent route to winning a place at the Glenfiddich Championship based on open competitive meritocracy.

Contest Guide

In Spring 2010 the CPA published a Guide to Running a Solo Piping Contest, for the benefit of all competition organisers, judges and pipers.


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