Argyllshire Gathering & Northern Meeting Competitions

A step-by-step guide to getting into the Medals

  1. Obtain a CPA Grade by renewing/joining the CPA before 1st December 2020. Apply to join the CPA, pay online, and fill in your results in your own members area. The grading committee will consider these results and issue a grade based on your track record and performances. The Grading Committee will meet and issue grades based on your track record and performances.
  2. Once you have your grading, you will need to apply online to the Argyllshire Gathering and Northern Meeting before 31st January 2021, so that your eligibility to compete can be considered. You will need your CPA grading and your track record of prizes (as in step 1). The applications are now all online.
  3. The Eligibility Committee will meet and discuss all applicants in February 2021. They will decide if you are eligible to compete at The Argyllshire Gathering and The Northern Meeting, and their decision is final. The two major meetings will notify you separately of your eligibility, though in recent years the CPA have been involved in helping disseminate this information on our website.
  4. When notification of eligibility has been given, those accepted must enter and submit their tunes online by 31st May 2021, on the same websites as mentioned above. Changes can be made to your tunes until August.


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