The CPA exists to represent the world's competitive solo piping community.

Code of Conduct

  1. As a measure of respect to fellow competitors, it is expected that members do not compete in front of their teachers. This would include occasionally withdrawing from a competition members are otherwise eligible to compete in.
  2. Members are expected to be ready to play when called upon and do so in accordance with the published draw. Members should not expect to play out of turn, unless at the discretion of the Competition Promoter.
  3. Members should be correctly dressed in Highland attire when collecting prizes. This is a matter of respect to the promoter, donors of the prizes, and for photo purposes.
  4. Members should not enter competitions then fail to attend without prior notification to the Competition Promoter / Highland Games piping organiser.


For the purpose of this Code of Conduct, the definition of ‘teacher’ is anyone from whom a piper has received instruction in the preceding 12 months.

Members who do not act in accordance with the CPA Code of Conduct will have their membership reviewed.